Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding Anniversary Wishes: This Anniversary Wishes Collection Focuses On Wishing Friends And Family Members The Best On Their Big Day. Help The Favorite Couples In Your Life Celebrate The Wonderful Occasion Of The Day They Were Married.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Best wishes to both of you on your first wedding anniversary. May your love endure the test of time, may it continue to blossom and grow.

Thank you for your love, your support, your understanding, your guidance, your smile. I want to wake up each day thanking God that he gave me such an amazing partner. Thank you for the perfect first year of our life together.

You are the one that I love, the one that I need. I want to wake up every single day with you by my side until we each our 100th wedding anniversary.

Today you celebrate your first milestone filled with love, joy and happiness. May it be as strong in the years to come. Happy 1st wedding anniversary wishes for a couple who shows the world what true love really is.

You are my partner, my friend, my helper, my confidante, my everything. This may only be our first year together but in my heart you will always be there forever.

I am lucky to wake up next to you as your partner every day. I will be luckier if you’ll continue this journey with me until our 100th anniversary. I will be the luckiest if you stay with me by my side forever.

Best wishes on your first anniversary. May the rare love that you share be everlasting. And may it continue to be filled with romance, adoration and devotion.

My beautiful love, thank you for your unconditional love, undying support, and your care. Please be with be me forever.

It was bliss watching you two fall in love with each other. Time flies and it is fun seeing both of you celebrate the adoration you have.

May we celebrate our marriage 100 years and drink to 1000 years more. Happy 1st anniversary wishes for my love.

I was stranded, I was lost and alone. And when I met you I found a new home. I will forever be by your side from now until eternity. May we have many more years together.

My dreams came true by loving you. I see rainbows, I see butterflies, I see stars filled the night sky. Please stay with me as we grow old, and forever your love I will hold. Happy first wedding anniversary wishes.

All my life I have dreamed of a prince dressed in white. Waiting there to make me your bride. A blessing from heaven, a gift from god, I will celebrate 100 more years and we will never be apart.

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Ok, fine I give up. What on earth are you two doing that makes you so obsessed with each other?

Happy anniversary to the person who thinks all the weird things I do are great, puts up with all my crap and still loves me at the end of each day.

So do you believe me now that I love you?

We are old and wrinkly…and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thanks for staying by my side.

You deserve all the best in life. I’m sure someone will come along who can give it to you, in the meantime, way to stick it out with me!

You are the macaroni to my cheese, the honey to my bee, the butter to my toast and the beat to my heart.

Congratulations on beating out the marriage statistics.

You are my favorite husband. Those others don’t mean nearly as much to me.

So, Facebook reminded me that it’s our anniversary…

You know if you would’ve gotten married on February 29th, I would only have to buy you a card every four years.

It only takes a moment to say ‘I love you’, but it will take a lifetime to prove that he wasn’t staring at that pretty girl.

You’re weird, but I guess it works, so happy anniversary!

You are the person that I hate the least of all.

Well you finally made it to where your age difference isn’t so creepy any more.

I’m awesome, you’re awesome…it works.

Now that we’ve made it this far, we might as well keep going.

Happy anniversary wishes to the couple whose relationship still perplexes everyone.

I told you that I wanted to grow old together with you. I promise I’ll try to slow down.

Happy anniversary wishes. Thanks for making the rest of us look bad!

Thanks for being Mr. Right and Prince Charming all rolled into one!

Today marks the day when we made a commitment to be together forever. That is the one decision that I will always be certain of in my life.

I wanted to send you happy wedding anniversary wishes, but nothing quite expressed how I truly feel. So all I can say is that I will happily be your wife forever.

Marriage Anniversary Wishes to Wife

Thank you for making all of my dreams come true!

When we first got married, I loved you so much, yet somehow over the years, I have come to love you even more. And I am know that, with each passing year, I will love you still deeper.

I am so incredibly grateful so walk this journey of life with you by my side.

You are my inspiration, my motivation and the source of my joy.

Another year has gone and our lives have been so blessed. I look forward to all of the laughter, love and joy that we have ahead of us.

Today we celebrate our love. May we celebrate this for many, many more years to come.

You never stop taking my breath away.

Your soul is the most beautiful thing I will ever see.

I know things haven’t always been ideal, but I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side than you honey.

I am so proud to have you as my wife.

Thanks for being my one and only.

Today is a celebration of the greatest commitment we ever made, and the greatest decision as well.

I know things haven’t always been ideal, but I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side than you honey.

You are my queen and I promise to always treat you as royalty.

Happy anniversary wishes to the woman who makes my life beautiful.

With you by my side, we can take on the world. For you, my love, are my world.

You are the single most amazing woman I have ever met.

Even though things have been tough, we are tougher and we will ride it out together.

I am so deeply, madly, passionately, ridiculously, overwhelmingly in love with you my wife.

We sincerely hope that these “Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes“, “Wedding Anniversary Wishes”  put a smile on your face and that you have found the perfect and best anniversary wishes to send to your friends and loved ones on their important day.